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The slow, slow down

So how's not working going? Turns out not as good as I thought. Last week I thought I would have been happily soloing parenting along, job seeking, fermenting vegetables or learning to play the mandolin. 

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The Good Life

Although I have plans of becoming a biodynamic gardener with a primary focus on vegetables and sustainability, let's just say that I am not quite there yet. I'm still sitting at home, drinking tea and listening to Madrigals.

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Seeker Lover Dreamer

And that’s a wrap.

As of this morning, I’m officially on a break.

A pause; a slight pause, before the next symphony begins.

The MacBook Air has been put away and will be enjoying a lot of Air for a while.

I have to say, featured on my Instagram/Facebook are all the beautiful moments of our life, captured atonements of my time in Sweden. But BETWEEN each image of the highlights that appear, are all the moments that add up to my actual life. There is a lot that is not shown. There is a cost to extreme beauty, just ask my husband. He’s used to it. HA!


Ups and downs, round and round. These last few months/years have been tough. We have both worked, incredibly hard, for everything, so we could set up our new life.

And now, the universe has stepped in. And told me to stop. Just stop.

A lot of people have been asking me what will be my next step. To be honest, I haven’t had time to think about it. These last few weeks I’ve been working round the clock, under supreme stress; working with my boss who is trying to future proof his business so it can out live him. The Swede has had a lot of night shifts. Our base form of communication has been emoijs.

I haven’t had time to think.

Today, I finished up at 9.30am and by 10am I was at a specialist appointment with Miss 5. I ate ice-cream for lunch and had a cup of tea. This sparked immense joy.

I’ve hung out the laundry and am about to take out the recycling, then pick up the 3 kids from two different schools. For dinner, I’m hoping that the Swede can pull some magic out of the air, or knock up something from the veggie box that’s arrived on our doorstep, because the cupboards are bare my friends, bare. Tomorrow at 5.30am, TSH will be going to America for a week. For work.

And, I’m not sure why, but somewhere along the lines of this week of sick children, extreme over-time, nightshift and an up and coming USA trip, we decided that it would be an AWESOME time to drag out 22 boxes from our basement, and put up gifted shelving. Our plans were to unpack the boxes and get totally organised, and put everything back. That plan was AWESOME apart from the putting everything back.

My actual office this week, no wonder it closed.


So now, I really feel… it’s time to be just me.


Here I am today. Just me.

A wife. A mother. Seeker. Lover. Dreamer…

Warning: more change ahead

I'm now a job seeker in a country where I can only apply for 5% of the jobs on offer. Jobs in English. Sure, I can speak Swedish, but it's a version of Swedish that is not recognised by the EU, nor by the greater Swedish population.

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Game on!

We had a nude weigh-in on Sunday night - which sounds like it should have been way more fun than it was - because we know it may come down to just grams.

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A rainy Friday afternoon

It's for those interested in sharing tips and inspiration from all those who have a real green thumb, and are interested in organic growing and sustainable living. I've been allowed to join the group despite only successfully growing sage.

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The Path of Least Resistance

He suggested I try resistance training and I said that sounded perfect, because I'd always been very resistant to any type of training. This would be right up my alley.

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