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iPhone be blown

When I called our insurance company and explained the situation, they told me to contact Apple Care who would organise UPS to come and pick up the phone and then would either repair it or replace it. I called Apple Care who turns out, don't really care.

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Bunny versus Rooster

"Oh, so what, at the end of the egg hunt, the kids will get ONE cardboard egg filled with candy instead of proper chocolate eggs all delivered by a rooster not a bunny, well that's not very exciting..."

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Another Easter Miracle

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances."

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The Swedish Christmas Goat

As darkness still reigns outside, we all gather in the main house ready for the Christmas festivities to start. We will eat Christmas porridge sprinkled with cinnamon, chat about the day ahead and drink coffee and tea.

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Waddling in a winter wonderland

And I'm hoping to be waddling in a winter wonderland as Sweden at the moment is, well rather warm. There is not much snow around so most of the country is looking not at a white Christmas, but at a grey one. Luckily on Saturday we are flying north to Norrland, to celebrate Christmas with our family in the only part of Sweden to be pretty well assured of a flurry of snow.

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Fika fun!

And I must say, our strategy of me staying out of the kitchen and letting TSH do all the cooking, proved to be our biggest success. Our menu plan of traditional Swedish with a modern flare seemed to be well appreciated and everything did taste so darn good.

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Jul Fika

Although at this stage, the raspberry caramels (which look absolutely gorgeous in the recipe picture!) may just turn out to be caramels as we have been to 6 different shops and cannot seem to find the all import dried raspberries. As it is now Friday, I'm either going to spend tonight picking out dried raspberries from our breakfast muesli or we will have to have raspberry caramels sans raspberries!

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