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The Book Club – part 1

I passive aggressively wrote to the librarian sharing my surprise at the choice of book, then promptly handed all book club book responsibilities over to the Swede.

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Summer celebrations

“Well, I’m 7-and-a-half and I still haven’t had my 6th birthday party,” was the leitmotiv of Marigold, especially after being asked to empty the dishwasher. There were daily reminders; Tristan chord tensions were palpable. 

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Summer so far…

Summer is abundant wild flowers, long days that barely fade into night, warming sunshine, family together at last, laughter, slower days; sometimes.

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The Wild Journal

hether you live in a house or flat, in a rural or urban environment, this beautiful book shows how to harness the natural world around us and feel more grounded and rooted in our surroundings.

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Take my breath away

Arriving home on a Tuesday morning in a taxi at dawn, after a night of public vomiting, feeling woozy, clutching an unmarked brown paper bag containing five small blue pills could at once, seem like a night out well spent. Or, on the other hand, signal the return home, after another night in a crowded emergency ward in the midst of a global pandemic, hooked up to a drip after an unexplained anaphylactic episode, that again, took my breath away.

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The slow summer of 2020

Think forests, swimming in lakes*, berry picking, tumbling with cousins, social distancing from grandparents, remote working and breaking bread around the table.

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Oral allergy syndrome update – part 2

Welcome back! Catch up with all the nonsense from part one here.

Do you glow when you eat a tomato? That’s what I was trying to find out so was very eager to hear back from my allergist with my latest results.

One afternoon at the beginning of Jan 2019, I answered the call that changed my life.

“Hello Louise, your results are in”

“Great, what am I allergy to?”


“Wait what?”


“Can you say that in English because I swear you’re saying that after 3,5 years of very restrictive eating, a few cross contamination episodes which landed me in hospital, an irresitable love of interrogating restaurant chefs, and a whole lot of faffing about regarding the interpretation of food labels, ARE YOU NOW TELLING ME I AM CURED? I DO NOT HAVE ANY FOOD ALLERGIES, I AM ALLERGIC TO NOTHING?


“What about tomato or wheat, cooked or raw?”

sahand-hoseini-BMVAYjPf6mU-unsplash“Go eat pizza if you want”


“Your immune system has now healed and I can’t detect anything in your bloodwork; you’re fine.”

“I thought I hated you, but I love you”


“Do you want a picture of me for your wall or latest medical magazine cover, this is amazing.”

He didn’t.

Turns out, he was correct. I went home and tested myself by eating tomato sauce, just a few drops. No reaction. I ate a crumb of bread. No reaction. We ordered pizza. No reaction. Over the coming weeks, I re-introduced all my forbidden foods, all of which came up with no reaction. Not even a single scratch.

Oh, and didn’t I eat for Sweden! Making up for lost time.

“Would you like a cinnamon bun?”

“Yep, make it two!”

“Want a cardamom bun”

“Jesus, of course I do, hand them over”

“Darling, should I get pizza on the way home?”


With gleeful abandon, for 2019 and the first half of 2020 I ate grains with joy, with a side of tomato salad.

Well, until this happened. Since, nearly dyings, I’ve gone back to a restrictive diet, with success I might add, as I haven’t had much of a reaction since. But not knowing really what the cause of my reaction in May was, every time I eat, I feel like I’m playing Russian roulette. Will we end the night with Netflix or a trip to emergency?

But Friday is the BIG DAY. I have an allergist appointment including a skin prick test and the works – with a new allergy clinic as I refused to go back to my original allergist. I can’t wait to sort this all out, and to find out, if I am once again a scientific miracle, or if I’ll be given an epi-pen and orders not to eat anything but apples.

More to come.

Oral allergy syndrome update – part 1

What exactly am I allergic to? Am I really allergic to waffles? Let’s find out and won’t eat it,” I said.

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How social media can cure a fussy eater

On some occasions, when the stars were not aligned, put a plate of anything other than an Ikea meatball on her plate, and there could be trouble.

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A midsummer night’s dream

However, midsummer 2020 was very low key; mona corona. There were no mass gatherings, traditional dress, or dancing around a 20-foot penis - oh those were the days. The frog dance leaped a year, the organised fun set aside, and for something completely different, the sun was shining.

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