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Needing a new knee

Just when I thought my sedentary lifestyle couldn’t get any more sedentary, turns out it can.

It’s been troubled times around these parts my friends! Whilst TSH continued his resurrection from his Easter flu , my knee has continued to give me woes and lows.

After a week when it didn’t ‘just get better’, a doctor’s visit was in order. I’ve apparently injured the cartilage in my knee (meniscus) and am waiting for a MRI this week, to determine my next steps. (No steps in my future would be nice if you ask me.)

During the last 3 weeks I’ve discovered that your knees are very important for things like, living. I’ve worked out that my general level of well being is directly linked to my ability to stand without pain.

I’ve started using crutches when I need to walk long distances, like anything further than our mailbox. Life on crutches is not optimal. It makes you look like a pensioner and feel like a pensioner, but without any discounts.

Spring into action

Yesterday was the neighbourhood spring clean-up day, which I helped organise being the important member of the body corporate that I am.

The sun was shining and everyone came out in full force to sweep, paint, repair and assemble picnic tables. I was burning around the streets on my crutches offering “moral support” to all the active members of our community who were actually contributing.

Overall, I feel the cleaning day did aid my healing journey, because it gave me the perfect opportunity to complain. I’d complain about my pain to anyone who would stop sweeping long enough to listen. I had a fresh audience for my woes and I really think this helped with my inflammation.

Enjoy the week ahead peoples! I’ll be hobbling along but hopefully typing too…



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  1. Oh, boy! I’m sorry and hope you get fixed up real soon.

    I feel like aging is one big joke. Every time something else breaks on me I feel like yelling, “It’s still me! I’m still here! What did I ever do to get old?”

    April 16, 2018
    • HA HA HA!!! I may be old but I can still laugh! TSH turned 45 today, we were were like,

      April 16, 2018

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