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Mixed bag 2

OMG you guys, it’s been too long! Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been going on up north:

  1. My dicky knee is still dicky

Today marks the 1-month anniversary of me slipping down an icy hill and buggering up my knee.

I’ve ditched the crutches as they slowed me down and didn’t do so much for my pain levels. They were one big hassle for no gain with ma pain.

The medical update:

I had my MRI last week and by Friday hadn’t heard anything, so I knocked on the door of our local medical centre to see what was going on. I didn’t get to see a Dr. but a nurse took pity on me and looked at the report. When he was finished reading it, HE LOOKED VISIBLY CONFUSED. THEN HE TOLD ME IT WAS “TOO COMPLICATED” AND I WOULD HAVE TO SPEAK WITH A DOCTOR.

Well, I can tell you that that’s not the reaction you want! When a qualified medical professional reads your MRI results, you really don’t want them to shake their head and say, ‘Nup, I can’t understand this, you REALLY need to see a doctor’. God Lord! What’s up with my knee? Judging by the ‘shock and awe’ that graced his face, my recovering may be longer than I was hoping for.

So now it is a waiting game. I’m waiting for the doctor to call and let me know what the mystical MRI report says, so then we can decide what to do next.

Since the injury, my knee now ‘pops’, NOT GOOD PEOPLES, NOT GOOD.

Only two good things have come out of this whole event:

  1. I’ve damaged my meniscus which is the cartilage in your knee. It’s a common sports injury. YES, I HAVE A SPORTS INJURY DESPITE NEVER SPORTING IN MY LIFE. Now I can say I have a ‘sports injury’ never mind it happened because I was carrying eggs down a hill.
  2. When the doctor had initially seen me, he’d told me I’d be needing an MRI because knees are important for someone ‘so young’. ‘So young!’. I said, bless you my friend.


2. I’m going Keto Crazy.

Yep, this week I’m taking the plunge and with the help of The Diet Doctor and Pete Evans, I’m adopting a low-carb, healthy fats approach to living.

Of course as you well know, due to my food allergies, pasta and bread have long been off my plate but other carbs (which I am learning about) have remained.

I’m looking to gain more energy, lift my brain fog and drop a few kilos.

I’m giving myself a 30-day keto challenge, just to see what happens. Apparently, on Keto/LCHF, all you have to do to get skinny, is to stay off the carbs and eat fat. So, WHO WOULDN’T GIVE THAT A GO? Most carbs kill me anyway, so why not go for gold.

No exercise required, so tick that box toot suite. Given my current state of reduced mobility, sitting around losing weight by eating butter, just sounds too good not to try.








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  1. Good luck! I had a friend who did Whole 30 during her visit to my house (um, thanks for making me cook funky for you?). It seemed like a lot of effort so I’ll just keep my extra pounds, thank you.

    For now.

    Until they become lots of extra pounds.

    I should really eat better!

    April 24, 2018
    • It is a lot of cooking but I have to cook a lot anyway due to my food allergies, you would die if I was a guest in your house!

      April 24, 2018

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