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Posts tagged ‘Greek Islands’

Why I’m joining Greek church. Today.

This particular church party is celebrating midsummer which you apparently do by going into the chapel, lighting a candle, having a quiet moment to yourself and then drinking tons and tons of home made ouzo.

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Tina’s special holy water

One miraculous healing icon of the Virgin Mary. One miraculous hangover. Welcome to the idyllic Greek island of Tinos – where your prayers are heard and hangovers incurred.

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The Height of Romance

Santorini - part 2

Another large explosion occurred many, many years ago on the island; tourism with a capital T. Many restaurants, particularly around Fira are hectic tourist traps with prices similar to the views – spectacular. Get out of the tourist loop by heading towards the Catholic cathedral and settle into one of the oversized couches at Casablanca Lounge Restaurant.

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Sunsets, scenery and one smoking volcano

Santorini Part 1

A student? Family man? Rich bastard? Fear not, there is something for everyone on the spectacular island of Santorini.

Santorini’s not half the place it used to be. Literally. 3,500 years ago, a large volcano erupted –probably the biggest explosion in recorded history – and the heart of the island collapsed and fell down into the bottom of the lake. The result? One of Greece’s most spectacular islands, with none more famed for its beauty.

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Special Olympics – part 4

He called later with a fool-proof plan. Thesues’s second cousin had a water taxi which would leave the island at 7am. At 8am, Thesues’s other second cousin would meet him at the port and drive him to Sparta for bowling gold at 9am. It would cost us a small fortune, but it was worth it. Voila, sorted!

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Special Olympics – part 2

To find out when Matt would actually be bowling (he would bowl on 3 days out of the 10 that we were there) top level security code word: VERY SPECIAL was needed. No one seemed to know and the only way one could find out was to recieve a late night secret text the night before from his head coach, Queenslander Shirley.

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