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Posts tagged ‘christmas’

Pretty Raspberry Caramels

Oh and with a slight diversion from my sugar-is-the-devil ways, I'd love to share one of my favourite Christmas recipes. They make the perfect gift!*

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Adventures with Advent

By December, Sweden has very few hours of daylight so some clever bugger came up with the idea of celebrating the four Sundays before Christmas, by lighting candles and drinking mulled wine. Golf clap.

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Waddling in a winter wonderland

And I'm hoping to be waddling in a winter wonderland as Sweden at the moment is, well rather warm. There is not much snow around so most of the country is looking not at a white Christmas, but at a grey one. Luckily on Saturday we are flying north to Norrland, to celebrate Christmas with our family in the only part of Sweden to be pretty well assured of a flurry of snow.

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Tis the season to be Jolly!

The kids did enjoy it and got to go on a few rides but the thing they were most excited about was the purchased of 2 big helium balloons and once TSH had had some rum in his hot chocolate, he was excited about having to look after them too.

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A Very Swedish Christmas – part 2

This is the day appointed for Lucia, the Italian patron saint of light, to arrive at dawn and spread some Mediterranean cheer into the deep darkness of the Nordic winter. Her arrival is to remind everyone that the warmer months are just around the corner.

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