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Good News

Why do the majority of news sources take every available opportunity to sensationalise and emotionalise the impact of a news story? I feel like every news item that appears is broadcast in the same style as a Wagnerian opera – ‘news drama’ in the extreme.

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Magic Midsummer!

Complete with it’s own castle and lake, Tyresö park made the perfect choice for our Extreme Swedish Midsummer celebrations. Everyone else in Stockholm thought so too, so the park was packed with thousands and thousands.

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Swedish import duties.

After 14 years up north, it’s now time for this little trumpeter to head south. Yes dear readers, we will be swapping snow for sunshine, curling for cricket and wearing socks with sandals to just wearing sandals.

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Lou Lou Loves a Chat!

Lou Lou Loves a Chat - episode 1: Discover six important signs that spring is coming to Sweden, what words Tina and Lou feel should be added or deleted from the English language and why there is a need for a national Australian Dying Abroad Day.

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Autumn top 10

Well although I've got a thing for spring, autumn is my favourite season. So I am delighted to say that this week in Sweden, it's officially arrived and thus time to pull out your uggs. It's a beautiful time in Sweden where the temperature drops, but not far enough for me to complain.

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Celebrating Sweden’s Penis

Midsummer is all about nature, feeling the sun on your skin, the coming summer and sticking wildflowers in your hair. We will drink, eat, sing and dance, yes just another Friday in Sweden.

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The most dangerous place in Sweden

"You who stole my laundry key, may your balls burn in hell!"

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