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A rainy Friday afternoon

Well here I am.

5pm, a misty Friday afternoon with some drizzle, 18℃. Outside, the leaves are changing. Sitting in our dining room looking out, a slight head cold. Hiding from the kids. Trying to take a break,  listening to Dave Brubeck taking 5.

Writing a blog post. Clang from the other room, TSH in the kitchen getting dinner started. A pause before the weekend starts.

Here’s a quick catch up on what’s been going on up north:

  • Things have been flying by. Literally flying by. Like my 7-year-old flying down our little laneway on her sister’s scooter and falling off 4 times. Not too fussed about it, she kept getting back on and loving it. What a persistent spirit I thought. I should have been thinking, gee I wonder if she’s fractured her right hand in two places? Because that’s what the Dr said, the next day when we took her to the hospital. From the check up today it’s all going fine and we should be able to take the cast off in 2 weeks. She’s been so brave, never complains and is a real trouper.


  • There are beautiful apple trees all around the village at the moment. #jealous.

    Today is the end of ‘back-to-school’ week. We’ve eased into the start of Year 1 at a new school location – sans parking –  but with the same teacher and class mates. Afternoon activities don’t start for another few weeks which should give us time to get our routines in place.

  • Bit of a shock to the system not to have TSH on summer holidays and hanging around. He’s back to work with occasional night shifts included. Yes, I’m buggered. We both are. So when I say I’m going to start blogging a little more now because I miss it, you can just say that my pants are on fire.
  • I’ve joined a newly formed Facebook group for ‘Growers of the Village’ where we live. It’s for those interested in sharing tips and inspiration from all those who have a real green thumb, and are interested in organic growing and sustainable living. I’ve been allowed to join the group despite only successfully growing sage. No, my herb garden is going gang busters actually. And I plan to do more.
  • My lovely sage.

    Tomorrow afternoon we are having a Village Harvest Festival! I’m taking my sage and heading up the street to meet other like-minded novice growers, who are going to astound me with their bounty. Very happy about the current state of growing affairs going on around here, I must say.

  • My parent-in-laws are also coming down to stay for the weekend! Very happy about this and tonight there will be some house prepping, highly likely.
  • Tomorrow night there will be a Village Crayfish Party. It’s that time of the year my friends. Crayfish will be eaten outdoors*, under coloured paper lanterns featuring a smiling full moon. People will wear bibs round their necks and comic paper hats on their heads. Should be a good night.
  • Oh and well it’s all apples and growers festivals in the village, TSH’s very nice mountain bike got bloody stolen the other night. Yes, we know it should have been chained up. Yes we know we should have taken it inside. We woke up, and it was gone. Buggers!!!!!!!!!
  • My dill has bolted. Gone wild. But apparently, this could not be better as this is EXACTLY what we need for the Crayfish party. No wonder I was allowed to join that Facebook group.

My dill, which I expertly let go to hell.


Cheers my friends, have an enjoyable weekend…


*Forecast is for rain though.















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  1. Peta #

    😀 Love, love, love. Have a ball at the Crayfish party…will the hat be one of those really cool umbrella hats? Or rain bonnet? I think we’ve been to the same gardening school, but it sounds like you’re making progress where I’m not. A big congratulations to you, and Buena Vista Tafe should have that certificate out to you toot sweet.
    And a huge boo-hiss to the dirty bike thief. I hope they get 2 flat tyres whilst riding on a really busy road clogged up with lots of trucks going 100km/hr.

    August 20, 2017
  2. Sorry about the bike. I hate things like that. I got the biggest door ding in my life on my beautiful car during our vacation. What was the person thinking? Spite? Carelessness? Not noticed at all? Who knows. But I have a long term memory of them for sure.

    Sounds like lots of fun and beauty in the Swedish ‘hood. Enjoy.

    August 21, 2017

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