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The Path of Least Resistance

Well, well.

I have some shocking news to tell you.

More shocking, than me finding time to blog twice in one week.

I’ve been doing something for a few weeks now, and I think it’s time to fess up.

I’ve started jogging.

I know, I’ll just let that news settle for a moment.

And when I say jogging, I mean shuffling. I’ve been shuffling twice or three times a week.

With my brother at The Sunnyfield Fun Run. The pace was just my style and we had an awesome time raising funds for the organisation that has taken great care of him over the decades.

This is quite ground breaking news. For 42 years I’ve never par taken in any type of strenuous physical activity, and in that time I have barely broken a sweat.

Sure, you’ll remember my stellar performance last year in the Sunnyfield Fun Run, but that was actually fun because as I found out, Fun Run’s don’t need to actually include running.  Other than that, there has been nothing to report.

And well, considering I am starting to look like I’m with child, AND I AM NOT, I thought it may be time to bring out the ye olde running shoes.

Now, let’s back up a bit and I’ll give you some of the reasons why I’ve turned to the dark side of physical activity:

  • Just before leaving Sydney, my old wise owl Dr Baker, my allergist, made a few recommendations as to what I could do to try to ease my ailments. Considering he is one of Sydney’s top specialists and was the first Dr. from all around Sweden and Australia to finally diagnose my food allergies (after 20yrs of investigation), I decided I should listen.

My ‘sports’ outfit.

He suggested I try resistance training and I said that sounded perfect, because I’d always been very resistant to any type of training. This would be right up my alley.

And whilst I’m not sure if shuffling counts as resistants training, it is free and I can do it at any time. So, it’s a start.

  • Also, as I work from home, I barely move these days. Before, I had stairs to climb, meetings to run to, a bike to ride home on. But now, I’m lucky if I walk to the kettle.

I’ve even bought myself ‘sports’ clothes. The fancy pants active wear my sister bought me to encourage me into sweating, no longer fits (HOW BAD IS THAT!). So, I had to go out and by ‘sports’ wear.

For those of you who follow me on Instastories (LOVE YA!) well you already know this devastating news.

It’s totally true, I’ve been shuffling many times now. Still have time to take photos and film Insta ‘stories’ so I can’t be going that fast.

But it’s a start!

And although I’ve sometimes thought I should call my sister-in-law the nurse, because I may be having a heart attack. I wasn’t and I haven’t.

Stay tuned.







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  1. Samantha Allen #

    I’m so proud of you. I’m inspired to start my own Cliff Young shuffle.

    July 26, 2017
  2. Better you than me. I tried running last year when my daughter participated in a 5k that encouraged all family members to participate as well. After 10 weeks of training, and then running (mostly) the 5k, I never, ever once got that mythical runner’s high. Whatev.

    July 31, 2017

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