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Posts tagged ‘IVF’

Being Bog Standard

Even though I consider the conception of our surprise baby to be nothing short of a miracle, the Swedish government sees otherwise and I have been officially deemed bog standard, transferred over to the public health system with no frills or fructose added.

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The day I knew I was a witch.

After The Flash had arrived, I was holding her in my arms and TSH was lying next to me in the hospital. I had the strongest feeling, all of a sudden, I felt like this wasn't going to be the last time TSH and myself would be in hospital looking down at a sweet newborn.

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Tina’s special holy water

One miraculous healing icon of the Virgin Mary. One miraculous hangover. Welcome to the idyllic Greek island of Tinos – where your prayers are heard and hangovers incurred.

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More, I’d rather just have sex with my husband

At the end of the session I go in to see Dr Nie and she asks me, ‘Do you have red wine at home?’ Finally, a doctor whom asks the right questions!

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Again, I’d rather just have sex with my husband

Moxa is a slow burning something or rather that looks like a cigar and smells like pot. I wish it was pot, at least that would be fun.

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I’d rather just have sex with my husband

I’d always thought when our baby would be conceived, that at least I would be in the room. My husband also, but only as an optional extra. I’d also always thought that the use of stirrups would come later at the delivery and not at the conception .

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