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Easter 2018

It’s heading into Monday evening, which means we made it through Easter.

My prediction of Netflix and pizza was spot on! There has also been crafting, baking, dishwashing and a hell of a lot of TV watching.

Easter Friday saw us lolling about at home. TSH was out of it, my knee/leg was still giving me issues and The Flash Miss 5, also came down with a cold. What a sight we all were. When the idea was floated that we eat pizza for Good Friday dinner, well of course we did.

On Saturday morning, we were woken by excited children. The Easter Rooster had made an appearance during the night and left clues all over the house as to the location of the Easter eggs.

In the afternoon I took Miss 4 and Miss 7 out, to meet up with some neighbourhood kids. They’d all made a pile of Easter cards so we took a walking tour of the village, where they handed out the cards and received some candy in return. Dressed up as little Swedish witches, they looked very cute.

TSH had turned the corner and was feeling better which was great to see!

Sunday morning I realised that I was actually very EXHAUSTED. My knee was still playing up and the events of the week had caught up with me. I spent most of the day in bed, which was just perfect.

Easter Monday and time to reflect, what an Easter we have had! Nothing like last year.  I’ve been camped out on the trundle bed in the girls’ room for 7 nights and we’ve barely left the house. It’s been a quiet one, that’s for sure. We’ve had cabin fever and real fevers.

But on a very positive note, I’ve seen a plethora of chocolate Easter eggs and Easter Bunnies on mass when out and about, so I do feel like Easter in Sweden is heading in the right direction.

The sun is shining and TSH has been partially resurrected, so let’s see what the rest of April brings us…

Hope you all had a lovely, healthy and happy Easter!


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  1. I forgot about the Swedish rooster! It’s so interesting to me the difference in cultures. And Easter cards? At least we all share a love of good food and good chocolate.

    April 3, 2018
    • Oh yes, it’s been quiet cultural awaking for the girls! ha ha ha

      April 3, 2018

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