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Posts tagged ‘Easter in Sweden’

Easter 2018

I've been camped out on the trundle bed in the girls' room for 7 nights and we've barely left the house. It's been a quiet one, that's for sure.

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Maundy Thursday

TSH can't stand up and I can't really walk so Easter 2018 will be a much toned-down version of usual events. The kids will not even notice as long as "The Rooster" shows up sometime over the next few days.

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The Heads of Departments

And it's pretty safe to say that for the last three nights the kids have had supermarket meatballs and macaroni for dinner, with nigh on not a vegetable to be seen. I know you are meant to 'eat the rainbow' but our rainbow has a slight 'sepia' tone to it, with only white and brown to be seen.

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Celebrating Easter in Sweden

Nothing has changed. Not one thing. Maudy Thursday is still about witches. There is not a single chocolate easter egg to be found. There's still snow. We're still eating Christmas food at Easter. But one thing has changed.

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