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Maundy Thursday

Oh what a week we have had! The sighting I had earlier of TSH was fleeting and he has been in bed ALL WEEK with pneumonia. He has been barely communicable. I have actually never seen him so sick. For so long. Ever. It’s been weighing on my mind.

My sniffles turned into nothing, but my knee/leg is still sore and I’m hobbling along. It got so bad this week, that I had to take the pram* out with me on walks, for something to hold on to and to carry stuff in.

This week I’ve been the captain of the ship, but with no leg to stand on.

We’ve only survived through the goodness of our neighbours, funny texts from family, the joy of processed food, and a dazzling display of sunshine which has been keeping spirits on the positive side. (But mainly from the goodness of our neighbours. And painkillers.)

It’s Maundy Thursday, so Swedish Easter celebrations have already kicked off. Just like Swedish Christmas that can last from mid-Dec to mid-Jan, the Swede’s like to extend this celebration too. Maundy Thursday involves the kids dressing up as Easter witches and I think, going around door knocking exchanging handmade Easter cards for candy. Not too sure about this, so let’s see if the door bell rings soon.**

For our family at least, Good Friday includes meat-free delicacies that are award-winning. Saturday morning, the Easter Bunny no wait, the Easter Rooster arrives, we eat kale soup for lunch, then feast on a bevy of traditional food, all part of the Easter Buffet. And then, Sunday has already arrived and it’s time to eat some type of very tasty lamb for dinner.

I love all of this. I love living in a country with rich traditions. I love all of the food. I love the feathers in the trees. I really love all of it. That is until yesterday, WHEN I REALISED THAT THIS YEAR, WITH TSH OUT OF THE PICTURE AND THE ABSENCE OF MY BEAUTIFUL PARENT IN-LAWS WHO USUALLY DO EVERYTHING, YES EVERYTHING FOR EASTER, that I would be the one pulling it all together.

I came to the realisation that TSH would not be able to plan, prep or execute any part of Easter 2018. He was still in bed and probably should have been in hospital.

I started to get confused about what happens when, as they celebrate things here on the ‘eve’, not on the ‘day’. I called my mother-in-law who offered all the right advice and shared some simple recipes.

And it’s at this stage may I add, that I’m not the Head Chef of the household, I’m the Sous Chef. The Sous Chef should never be expected to create a three-day long event including the Swedish Easter Buffet, especially when she can’t even walk.

These are not our children, but they did look just as cute.

Thus, it was at this time that I took the executive decision. TSH can’t stand up and I can’t really walk so Easter 2018 will be a much toned-down version of usual events. The kids will not even notice as long as “The Rooster” shows up sometime over the next few days. Of course, it’s more TSH and I who love all the trimmings anyway.

Our near future: I see lazy mornings, Netflix, pizza and hopefully no visits to the hospital.  I’m pinning my hopes on TSH being well enough to enjoy something nice on Easter Sunday. And if that can happen, it will be the best Easter ever. I’ve missed him.

*The pram we use occasionally for the 4yr old, but without taking the 4yr old with me. Imagine the sight!

**The door bell rang. Confirmed. Two very cute little neighbourhood kids came to swap handmade cards for candy, so this is what happens on Maundy Thursday. The door bell has rung again, more adorable children. CONFIRMED.

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