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Posts tagged ‘Swedish Easter’

Maundy Thursday

TSH can't stand up and I can't really walk so Easter 2018 will be a much toned-down version of usual events. The kids will not even notice as long as "The Rooster" shows up sometime over the next few days.

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Celebrating Easter in Sweden

Nothing has changed. Not one thing. Maudy Thursday is still about witches. There is not a single chocolate easter egg to be found. There's still snow. We're still eating Christmas food at Easter. But one thing has changed.

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Bunny versus Rooster

"Oh, so what, at the end of the egg hunt, the kids will get ONE cardboard egg filled with candy instead of proper chocolate eggs all delivered by a rooster not a bunny, well that's not very exciting..."

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Another Easter Miracle

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances."

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Chickens. Daffodils. But where’s my chocolate Easter egg?

For Sweden, Easter’s all about witches. I mean what’s Easter without the resurrection of a good old pagan tradition?

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