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Another Easter Miracle

“The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.” — Robert Flatt

Well so I thought the week of Easter would be a good time to resurrect my blog. Yes, it’s another Easter Miracle, I’m back! Who would have thought. Forgotten me? Doubt it. I haven’t forgotten you guys either. Sorry for my absence these past few months, actually since January. I’m a bag blogger aren’t I? Thanks for the messages and emails I received inquiring as to whether I was alive or not.

So what happened in January that made me stop blogging? Bloody husband went back to work didn’t he. After 6 months of paternity leave he went back to work and I had to start helping out at home and cooking and cleaning* and doing daycare drop offs and was ultra pregnant and working full-time, bloody husband to blame for most of that I do feel.

There has been lots going on around these parts of the Swedish woods so I call you a quick recap of what’s been happening:

  • The baby. Yes, the surprise baby arrived! We were blessed with the safe arrival of another beautiful baby girl on March 11th. 4.5 kg/53 cm, another Viking sized bub. She’s super cute, 5 weeks old now and still not named. When I complained to TSH that we hadn’t decided on a name yet he told me I should just call her ‘gold bottom’ which works better in Swedish I guess. Gold bottom is just the sweetest sweetest thing and is doing everything right. Like sleeping now, so I can actually blog.
  • The passport. My husband has now had his Swedish passport stamped with a big kangaroo, his Australian partner visa/permanent residence visa was approved so now it’s all systems go for our move to Sydney later in the year.
  • Managing life with a newborn, 1 yr + 3 yr old. Gee whiz, for someone who suffered fake infertility for half a decade, I’ve certainly made up for it since. Who would have thought I would never have the time to write a blog due the fact I was kid wrangling a trio of girls.

What you can expect to see more of in the coming weeks:


These are not my girls.

♥ Sarcasm. (Just can’t help it and as I haven’t had an available outlet for it these past months, expect it to just ramble out of me from now on.) ♥ Sweet treats that don’t contain sugar. I’m still on the I Quit Sugar and it made me a happier person band wagon so watch out.  Me dissing on Sweden, like here for instance, rambling on about the lack of chocolate Easter eggs in this country – well Sweden got the last laugh now as I no longer eat chocolate. (LIAR – I eat handmade sugar-free pralines from praline huset in Stockholm, made with Stevia. Pralines is a fancy word for chocolate. ♥ Sydney me banging on about our up and coming move to Sydney where we will be leaving the safe bosom of Swedish economic rationalism and entering the world of unemployment.  ♥ Spelling mistakes and poor grammer . I’ll be typing so fast due to time constraints, I’m sure they will slip passed.**

GAME ON! Messages of encouragement are accepted. And products containing Stevia.

*Truth be told, we have a cleaner.


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  1. Åsa #

    Yeay! It’s so good you’re back!

    And the biggest congrats to your baby girl! Are you all done now or can we expect more surprise babies from you? 🙂

    April 14, 2014
    • Thanks! I’m very happy I found the time to write, it feels great! And although surprises are nice, I’m not sure if I can take anymore of them…

      April 14, 2014
  2. Ha ha love it – The Resurrection Blog Just in time for Holy Week and the Robert Flatt quote – Many congratulations on all counts – Gold Bottom Vikingesse, and the Kangaroo seal of approval for your move. You are all Brave Hearts, moving countries with 3 little Vikingesses.

    April 14, 2014
    • Hello!! Time is moving so quickly, she is already five weeks old. It’s all systems go for Sydney now, very exciting! Such a big step so the nerves are starting to set in I must say…

      April 14, 2014
  3. Bring it on, love!

    We missed you so much, but with your 2 little sweethearts, another one on the way, and arrangements to be made for your soon-to-happen relocation, I was pretty sure you had more on your plate than you ever bargained for.

    Long live the blog and its mistress!

    April 14, 2014
    • Thanks, my Greek beauty. The last few months have been crazy busy and now with Miss Gold Bottom, nothing seems to be slowing down. I missed you too!

      April 14, 2014
  4. Hello there, and congratulations! Good to see you back again. Cannot wait to hear more about Golden Bottom and pralines made with stevia.

    April 15, 2014
    • Thanks! It’s so nice to write again, I love it….

      April 15, 2014
  5. Yay, yay, yay! So glad you’re back to blogging. And what a cute head shot you have. I’m in shock a wee bit that Sweden doesn’t have chocolate bunnies. Is it because the government can’t provide chocolate bunnies to absolutely everyone as part of socialism so they go without? Hmm.

    BTW, I am the middle of 3 girls. Watch out, supposedly us middle kids go extremely bad or extremely good to get some attention whilst in the middle of the pack.

    April 15, 2014
    • Oh don’t worry, I’ve seen the Brady bunch episode of middle child syndrome, poor Jan. Well you turned out not too bad, gives me hope. Actually we just had a discussion about chocolate easter eggs now and whether the Easter BUNNY (Aussie) or Easter CHICKEN would be making an entrance this year, bloody Swedes won again.

      April 15, 2014
  6. Glad to have you back, and with profile photos up :). Congrats on the new arrival. I can’t believe you don’t have a name yet! Maybe you want her to name herself?? Bring on the sarcasm and sugar-free chocolate :).

    April 15, 2014
    • Hello my friend, yes I can say now she finally has a name and she is pretty happy about it. Can you believe we had 9 months and still didn’t come up with anything? We had a short list but apparently it should have been a bit longer and with names we actually like on it.

      April 15, 2014
  7. Congratulations on the birth of gold-bottom… 😉
    It seems a lot is happening for you right now and the move back to Oz later this year is great news!

    April 16, 2014
    • Thanks Deb, I’ll be stalking your blog shortly 🙂

      April 17, 2014
      • At least I only have one of them nowadays… (So much easier!)

        April 17, 2014

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