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Posts from the ‘IVF Sweden’ Category

Another Easter Miracle

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances."

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Being Bog Standard

Even though I consider the conception of our surprise baby to be nothing short of a miracle, the Swedish government sees otherwise and I have been officially deemed bog standard, transferred over to the public health system with no frills or fructose added.

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The day I knew I was a witch.

After The Flash had arrived, I was holding her in my arms and TSH was lying next to me in the hospital. I had the strongest feeling, all of a sudden, I felt like this wasn't going to be the last time TSH and myself would be in hospital looking down at a sweet newborn.

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‘My Heart is Singing’

So, to celebrate our anniversary and my 38th birthday, we decided to have a fantastic night out, starting off with pre-dinner drinks at one of my favourite Stockholm sky bars Gondolen and then off to a new restaurant called The Flying Elk on Gamla Stan (the old town.)

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Positive Affirmations!

And speaking of births, for some reason - me being God’s favourite - the birth story of my dreams came absolutely true. I don’t know how this happened, as all signs pointed to the opposite being the case, but it totally happened.

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She’s arrived!

Our long awaited daughter arrived last week! A 4kg/8.8pounds, 52cm/21in bundle of complete joy.

I’m glad to report that the delivery was actually much like the one in my dreams! Bubba just loves her and is enjoying being a big sister. We are all doing well and are feeling very blessed.

I’ll be taking 2 or 3 weeks off from my blogging life to focus on my family and our new precious addition. Hope you all understand and stick around to hear about our new adventures soon…


I’ve been thinking a lot about the birth itself and the following are some snippets of what I want to include in my birth story when I call my sister in Sydney and tell her The Big News:

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Top 5 amazing things!

I’m amazed at two things about this event that 1) someone had the audacity to steal from a tired looking 8 month pregnant women and that 2) I basically saw him do it but didn’t react.

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Boy, girl or chicken?

There are many very scientific methods of gender prediction, mainly based on old wives tales and all of which have been proven to be 100% correct. And considering I'm an old wife, I totally love thinking about it.

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Tina’s special holy water

One miraculous healing icon of the Virgin Mary. One miraculous hangover. Welcome to the idyllic Greek island of Tinos – where your prayers are heard and hangovers incurred.

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