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Posts tagged ‘expat life’

Take my breath away

Arriving home on a Tuesday morning in a taxi at dawn, after a night of public vomiting, feeling woozy, clutching an unmarked brown paper bag containing five small blue pills could at once, seem like a night out well spent. Or, on the other hand, signal the return home, after another night in a crowded emergency ward in the midst of a global pandemic, hooked up to a drip after an unexplained anaphylactic episode, that again, took my breath away.

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Maundy Thursday

TSH can't stand up and I can't really walk so Easter 2018 will be a much toned-down version of usual events. The kids will not even notice as long as "The Rooster" shows up sometime over the next few days.

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Cheers to the year that was… part 1

Turns out, the younger two had the same resolve as their mum, that 9 million others should learn our language, instead of us having to learn theirs.

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