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The Heads of Departments

OMG. What a few days! Both Heads of Departments are down. Repeat. Both Heads of Departments are down.

Poor TSH has been flat out in bed for the past four days in our bedroom, now deemed the infectious diseases ward. He has been battling a really bad case of the flu, I don’t think I have seen him this sick. Ever. He has been sleeping for the most of it and hasn’t really been communicable. Terrible!

This has meant that I’ve done a few days of solo parenting. I’ve had pickups and drop-offs, had swimming lessons at 5:30pm on Saturday night*, a kids’ choir concert at church on Sunday plus world Waffle day – it’s all been happening.

There’s been bus rides, train rides and car rides with the neighbours. Hussle and bustle. Until yesterday. WHEN I SLIPPED ON THE ICE, SAVED THE DOZEN EGGS I WAS CARRYING BUT BUGGERED MY KNEE TO THE POINT WHERE I COULDN’T WALK. Sweden 1, Australia 0.

With both Heads of Departments down, it’s very hard to run a family. Luckily, our neighbours stepped in and have been our saving glory. Bless them!

And it’s pretty safe to say that for the last three nights the kids have had supermarket meatballs and macaroni for dinner, with nigh on not a vegetable to be seen. I know you are meant to ‘eat the rainbow’ but our rainbow has a slight ‘sepia’ tone to it, with only white and brown on show.

I’ve woken today with an itchy throat and sniffles so obviously the infectious disease zone should have been widened. At least I can constitute that my knee has no permanent damage, but is still very sore. I cannot really walk and negotiating a stairwell is but a future goal. Usually my pain point, the pharmaceutical industry is now popular in this household with its painkiller wares.

Snow: beautiful but deadly

AND IT IS SOON EASTER! Luckily, a few weeks ago we decided to stay in Stockholm and have a quiet one. OH FORTUNA, YOU WISE WOMAN.

Easter? We are in no way ready for Easter although at the moment, I am a hop-a-long bunny. I’m still basking in the joy of what was Christmas, which includes staring at two boxes of Xmas decorations that I’m yet to shove into the attic.

By this stage of the game, TSH and myself would have decided on a meal plan for both kids and adults that would have seen us through Friday to Sunday. There would be a smattering of traditional Swedish deliciousness paired with Australian wine, shopping lists would have been made and executed, plus PHD-like research on where we would be ‘sourcing’ the lamb.

Give the current state of both Heads of Departments, I think that come Good Friday we will be ‘sourcing’ everything from MacDonald’s. We’ll all be having a Fillet-o-Fish and due to my allergies, I’ll have to take mine without the bun, dressing, tomato and then I’ll have to pick the deep fried crumbs off the fish. It will end up being a very small ball of dried up fish, with one sesame seed on top.

Considering I’m the only adult that can somewhat stand, the planning and delivery may rest solely on my shoulders. Given that I cannot even be trusted to walk on snow, it’s a lot of pressure. And because I gave up dairy last week, I’VE BEEN HAVING TO DRINK MY TEA WITH SOY MILK. It’s not pretty peoples, not pretty.

God speed!

P.S TSH just made a Jesus-like appearance and may be on his way to resurrection.

*Genius parenting move. WHAT WERE WE THINKING.



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  1. Jonathan #

    I can sympathise with falling over – while staying in the hotel in Germany last week, I tripped on the same step in the hotel room THREE TIMES. The first, flat on my face, the third, while carrying my work laptop. I’m still not sure how I didn’t smash it to bits – oh yes, that’s right – I crashed into the floor instead, just like you with your eggs…

    March 28, 2018
    • OMG! Lucky you didn’t hurt yourself or the puta. It was my third fall of the day, of course right after I told the girls ‘TO BE VERY CAREFUL IT IS VERY SLIPPERY’ ha ha ha

      March 28, 2018

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