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The slow summer of 2020

Summer is long days that last forever with the Nordic light that reflects off the lake. We’ve been staying at our country houses up in the very far north of Sweden, with all the family finally together.

Think forests, swimming in lakes*, berry picking, tumbling with cousins, social distancing from grandparents, remote working and breaking bread around the table. There’s been long mornings with the kids taken up with watching ‘Summer Holiday’ so the day doesn’t start until around 10; plenty of time for multiple cups of tea, yoga, work, reading and scrolling.

There’s been milder days, rainy days, militant mosquitoes and jigsaw puzzles to be done. It’s birthday season for us, so there’s also been celebration after celebration and grandpa’s pancakes for breakfast. Slow days, sublime days.


When the entire clan meet up, we are 12 altogether. Each sub-family has their own house, so ‘keeping the distance’ has worked remarkably well. The children have been brilliant and incredibly mindful of not getting too close to grandma and grandpa; the rules have been followed although not giving them hugs is ‘the hardest thing in the whole world’.

And from our cabin in the forest, a few of us escaped to two nights away in another cabin the forest. We all had a blast! Spectacular scenery and tranquillity, memories were made. I fell in love with the ‘birdsnest’ accommodation and we’re thinking of coming back next year, just the Swede as I, for our 15th wedding anniversary.



We’re now rounding out the northern leg of our slow summer and are about to head back home to Stockholm. We’ve had volunteer farmers taking care of the house, glasshouse and garden, although the news from the south isn’t good. When we moved out, some type of micro spider moved in and now there’s an environmental disaster happening primarily on our tomatoes, but spreading quickly.

Here’s a little of what how we’ve been enjoying life…


A quick allergy update (full post to come soon!): I met with an actual allergist and from initial testing, he said I could start eating normally again. A bit too scared to do so, I’ve been eating clean whilst up north in the countryside with a hospital about an hour away. Even with dancing around my allergens and being careful, I’ve still awoken a few times with lips that look botoxed! Slight facial swelling is never a good holiday look. The mystery continues, and I’m now waiting on the official results and verdict from the doctor. God speed.

*not I.

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  1. Beautiful Summer inspiration ☀️ summer in my end has been fast, soon on line class begins & family road trips is over till Fall.

    July 29, 2020
    • It’s been lovely up here… good luck with your course!

      July 29, 2020
  2. Peta #

    Love, love the video. Feeling the need to join you post-Corona. Good luck with the doctor news. Agree, way to cold to go swimming in the lake.

    July 30, 2020
  3. Ah, so peaceful! Can I telecommute from the Swedish countryside, too?

    July 30, 2020

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