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Omicron and on and on…

The medal

And after all this. Oh, the misery. The moment the Swede began awakening from the dead, I tested positive and by the evening, was in bed not able to move. He was only .05% better, but bed became no longer an option.

The puppy. The wife. The kids. The cooking. The puppy. The pain. The dishwasher. The wife. The stairs. The cough. Press to repeat. Oh the poor Swede, having to do all the things, whilst all the while still being, unbelievable sick.

His cross to bear, whilst crossing the path of a puppy that needs to wee outside at 4am. In the snow. A medal, I said, he deserves one for keeping the troops alive, while I whimpered in bed.

2am musings of a covid patient

I can’t believe I have corona. 99% of Sweden has it at the moment; I just can’t believe I have corona, how did it happen…

I’m not coughing, my throat is pretty ok; I have had a migrane for two days, intense joint pain, I’m shaking so much I cannot walk, I’m so tired I cannot move. This feels EXACTLY like the time I had a kidney infection and my kidneys stopped working the way God intended. Laying in hospital, this is EXACTLY how it felt. OMG. What if I’m patient zero for another strain of covid, Stockholmicron, where the virus attacks your kidneys and not your lungs.

Hope the puppy isn’t dead.

Has Russel Crowe died? Haven’t seen him in anything recently.

A puppy’s perspective

“Mummy, you lying in bed day in, day out doing nuffin; me curled up beside you doing nuffin – this is the life I have been dreaming of. Those ‘daily’ walks and adventures into nature you used to insist upon, TOTALLY UNECCESSARY – a 2-min pitstop outside is all I need.

Previously in days of health, when I’ve been sitting down outside, refusing to walk, turning my head back pining for home despite only being 2 metres from home, this is what I have been trying to tell you. Doing nuffin, staying inside, sleeping all day; this is the life for us. Thank God you’ve come round.”

Pomapoo puppy Yumi – 4 months

Yumi has gotten another gold-star award for her performance over the last week. Although levels of swearing were elevated during the heights of the initial corona crisis puppy-watch, she has been a source of comfort. There has been no ‘mad hours’ of craziness or non-stop barking to get her puppy energy out; she’s been more than happy to loll about the house with the rest of us, thank god.

How are we now? Day 11

4/5, Marigold now has the plague although her symptoms seem to be mild. The Swede, who can no longer smell or taste things, is back on his feet somewhat, functioning at about 50%; continuing as the solider of single parenting and puppy watch. 

I seem to be going sideways; zigging towards feeling better, zagging towards steep regression and heavy complaining. I can no longer hear at all from my left ear due to congestion, although being in iso with a puppy, a recovering husband and three children, it may just be God giving me pat on the back for a job well done.

We’ve got Christmas decorations still up and it’s nearly February, the cook can’t taste things, I’m deaf. But the light is coming… and soon Omicron will not be on and on, but over and out.

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  1. Peta. #

    Omg, I’m nominating you for the Aus Day person of the year next year. Medals all ‘round!
    The temporary deafness certainly sounds like a benefit. Good luck to Marigold, I hope her symptoms remain mild. Hang in there. 💕😷🦮

    January 25, 2022
  2. I, too, am worried about Russell Crowe…

    Sorry to hear how rough it’s been in your household and sending wishes for better times!

    January 26, 2022

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