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The gift of time

This trip has been the greatest gift for me.

Travelling alone, instead of with the whole tribe, has meant that I have been able to spend quality time, with those who I need to spend time with.

I’ve fixed businessy things for my brother and spent time with the whole of my family. There’s been time for my close friends, who are also my family.

Everything has been uninterrupted. Uninterrupted sleep, swims, breakfasts, dinners. But what I have enjoyed most, is the uninterrupted conversations.

Conversations that go beyond the usual. The time needed to give real answers to the question of ‘so how’s it going?’. Nothing rushed. Time to talk. To go deeper. To laugh. To cry. To ask questions. To seek advice. To give advice. To enjoy silence. To hold space.

Time is love. I was reminded of this at a recent wedding in Sweden. So true.

And speaking of my love, TSH seems to be faring quite well in my absence. Once he found where the linen closet was, things seem to have been rolling along nicely.

This trip was only possible because of my lovely parent-in-laws who have been providing full support. My mother-in-law is quite the Mary Poppins and the girls have adored spending time with her and TSH senior.

And by the way, I’ve ignored all the rude message’s I’ve received from TSH such as, ‘I’m sleeping much better now’, ‘I’m feeling less stressed’. What? I leave the country and suddenly he’s all zen? I FIND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE.

My breakfast spot! Batemans Bay, NSW


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