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TMJ hindered to healing

The final instalment on how I’ve moved my TMJ issues from hindered to healing… Don’t know what the hell I am talking about? Check out The Troubles with TMJ Part 1, part 2part 3

and part 4.

Neurological based chiropractic session 8-12

Well, these final sessions were a bit less softly, softly, touchy, touchy and more let’s move your jaw, neck and spine to see if they will stack on top of each other nicely.

Pent-up emotional trauma that I’ve been holding in my body was being released with each adjustment and all types of emotions were surfacing. POOR TSH. I actually had a flood of emotions, a tear, after he adjusted my neck. Crying at the chiro, WELCOME TO MY WORLD.


I now looked forward to my BrainTap sessions and the calm they brought to my brain. I was getting into my zen mode much faster now and my relaxing mental mountaintop retreat was clearer and clearer.

Inside my brain.

The Conclusion

At my final session before Sydney, we did an evaluation which included re-doing all the tests I’d done in my initial consultation. Through analysing my pulse, Dr. Healing Hands assessed some amazing things that all indicated that I was in a much better position now, than I was from just 3 weeks ago. My symptoms were down, my spirits were slowly rising up.

I passed the stress test! My stress levels were so much better, (obviously being on sabbatical has helped of course). The best news was that my biological age was estimated to be 37, so when TSH told me I was looking five years younger, he was as usual, absolutely SPOT ON.

I’ve been given some exercises to do when I am in Sydney and then I’ll have some more sessions upon returning.

I’m on the right track and that’s the best news of all. Also in the ‘best news’ category is that tonight, I am boarding a flight to Sydney!!!!!!


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  1. Good news about the healing and the Sydney!!

    February 20, 2018
    • Oh, I’m having a lovely time in the sunshine!

      February 20, 2018

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