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TMJ Remedy

TMJ Remedy

Would you like to feel immediately better about your own health? Why not read all about my middle-aged teeth grinding (Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) chronic pain woes right here, with part 1.

For part 2, I can now report that I am now feeling slightly better!

This TMJ remedy has mainly come about due to my new Neurologic-based chiropractor, Martin ‘Healing Hands’ Fransson, who I’ve been seeing for the last few weeks:

TMJ: Initial Consultation

Dr. Healing Hands listened to my entire tale of woe and looked very sad at the appropriate moments.

To assess the function of my spine, cranial and TMJ system, he performed a series of neurologically based tests and then he prodded and stretched me. Despite having hypermobility, my mobility was none too hyper.

I took a stress analysis test which involved getting hooked up to a machine and lying back to relax. I failed the stress test. I broke the machine. My heart had too many palpations so it couldn’t keep up. My stress was literally off the charts, so it couldn’t give a reading.

The Results

A few days later I received a full analysis of my woes, direct to my inbox. Confirmed: my sister is right, I am ‘a bit wonky’.

My cranium, face and TMJ were compressed on the left side which means I am not at all symmetrical. I have a dominant sway pattern to the left. This may explain the placement of our Christmas ornaments on our Xmas tree last year.

My brain is not sending my body the right messages which also means, that I am a bit brain damaged too, my husband can confirm. My sister would not be surprised to hear this either.

TMJ RemedyReading on, ‘Maladaptation”, “Dysfunction” and “High compensatory stress adaptation” were repeated often and bandied about like nobodies business.

“The TMJ is just one way your body expresses the underlying imbalance in your postural control and held stress physiology.” Which means, 20 years of twisted, poor posture and compounding stress, has not been a friend to my body/mind/spirit.

TMJ: the remedy

Bravely, he thought he could help. Obviously, I needed the full arsenal of his expertise. He suggested a mixture of Sacro Occipital Technique and cranial/TMJ work, other tonal Chiropractic applications, plus some adjunct biofeedback training to enhance my body’s own healing response.

With my left hand, I handed over my credit card and I told him to get to work…

Can BrainTap save my brain and my jaw? Read part 3 here.

More info

My neurologically-based chiropractor Martin Fransson, based in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. 

More about TMJ (in English)

Kiropraktik effekt på samverkan mellan din hjärnfunktion och din kropp (in Swedish, obviously)

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  1. samallen1975 #

    Love it! Love you and all your brain damaged, wonky ways.

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    February 7, 2018

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