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TMJ Seeing the light

TMJ light

Need to catch up? The Troubles with TMJ Part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Neurologically based chiropractic sessions 4-7

Somewhere between session 3 and 4, I woke up, went downstairs and looked in the mirror. I was stunned. My face was different. It was looking way less lopsided stroke victim, and more ‘normal’. I walked out and asked my husband, ‘Do I look different?’ and he replied, ‘You look 5 years younger’.

(During the months before, I had noticed my face looking more and more asymmetric which was actually one of the factors that led me to take control of my health, and contact Welledge.)

I WAS AMAZED that my face was looking a bit more normal. I knew that whatever my ‘innate intelligence’ and Dr. Healing Hands was doing, we were on the right track.


BrainTap brings me here, to a world of calm.

BrainTap Sessions

By session 4, I was starting to love the stupid strobe lights. With every session, I fell into a deeper relaxation mode.

Although I love the idea of meditation and fully believe in its benefits, I’ve never been one to actually be able to get into that blissful zen zone. Much like my body, my brain likes to disco. I’m a non-stop list maker dedicated to over thinking.

With BrainTap, I’ve been able to calm my busy brain and for a few minutes at least, silence the chatterbox within. This, my friends, is what you call progress.

TJM Conclusion

My face has become less wonky. My intermittent pain in my left hip, shoulder and ear is gone. My tinnitus is quietening. And whilst my jaw tension is still very impressive, it has lessened.

I’m working on my stress levels and I’m creating white space in my day. I’m reading books about self-care and listening to Wellness podcasts.

The light is coming. My conscience is expanding, you’d all better watch out.

After session 7, I floated out of Dr. Healing Hands World of Zen and texted The Swedish Husband, ‘I feel taller’.

Next up? The grand finale

Is your preference more reference?

More about the weird and wonderful world of BrainTap and in Swedish.


Welledge clinic, Gamla Stan. More about brain first chiropractic

”Skogsbada” i natuens frekvenser och förbättra din hälsa – an interesting read in Swedish

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  1. I can’t meditate either. Pray, yes. Meditate, no. Hmm. I have some ringing in my ear and got my hearing tested and they just told me I was old. But maybe there’s a connection to something else somewhere?

    February 20, 2018

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