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Posts tagged ‘TMJ’

TMJ hindered to healing

The best news was that my biological age was estimated to be 37, so when TSH told me I was looking five years younger, he was as usual, absolutely SPOT ON.

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TMJ Seeing the light

I walked out and asked my husband, 'Do I look different?' and he replied, 'You look 5 years younger'.

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TMJ – go away

Dr Healing Hands, therefore, focuses not only on spinal alignment but also on balancing and calming the entire nervous system. He told me that I had ‘innate intelligence’ and I told him he must have met me before.

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TMJ Remedy

My cranium, face and TMJ were compressed on the left side which means I am not at all symmetrical. I have a dominant sway pattern to the left. This may explain the placement of our Christmas ornaments on our Xmas tree last year.

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TMJ the troublemaker

Apparently, your brain weighs a hell of a lot (I think we all know mine would be extra heavy) and it needs to sit atop a well-aligned jaw/skeletal system otherwise there can be problems.

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