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TMJ – go away


Catch up on all the news regarding my ‘jaw journey’ with (teeth grinding) TMJ: TMJ Part 1, TMJ Part 2, and get your cup of tea ready for Part 3…

In all the ways I’ve tried to remedy my TMJ, this is the first time I’ve tried neurological-based chiropractic. 

At our first consultation, Dr Healing Hands had taken the time to explain how he works and why he doesn’t just ‘crack your back’.

NBC is based on the principle that your brain/central nervous system controls and coordinates everything within your body, such as the 50 trillion cells that make you, you. So, for every occurrence of dysfunction or pain in the body, there is an equal imbalance in activity and control at the level of the brain.

Dr Healing Hands, therefore, focuses not only on spinal alignment but also on balancing and calming the entire nervous system. He told me that I had ‘innate intelligence’ and I told him he must have met me before.

Apparently, once he awakened and balanced the bad nerve patterns in my muscles, my body would auto correct and heal itself.


My bad nerves are starting to behave

Neurological-based chiropractic: Sessions 1-3

Session 1-3 was pretty gentle, lying on a chiropractic bed with lots of light patting and prodding. Stretching out my legs and arms and trying to get the left side of my body, to match the right side.

Towards the end, I started to wonder if getting a massage similar to what I experience from my 3yr old, would indeed, ‘auto correct’ 20 years of horrific posture and bad lifestyle choices.

I was then moved through to another room for my first ‘BrainTap’ session.

BrainTap? I thought I’d be listening to a podcast. Instead, what happened next, utterly amazed me.


“BrainTap is light & sound technology that creates a perfect symmetry of sound frequencies and light synchronisation, for improved binaural brainwave relaxation. It helps you find the perfect balance between left/right brain synchronisation and relaxes your brainwave activity.” It basically calms a busy brain. And mine was very busy.

It contains a headset and app that includes creative visualisations for deep relaxation. I put on the visor and pressed play. With my closed eyes, I listened to the soothing music and guided meditation but then came the strobe lights. Quick, flashing lights dancing around; am I having a stroke?

I hated it. I thought to my self, ‘what is going on? I’m a fan of disco strobe lights on a dance floor but not at 10am’.

A few minutes later, I was in love.

I fell into a deep level of relaxation which I’d never felt before. My muscles melted away and my brain stopped making a to-do list. Incredible. I felt like I was at one with the collective conscious; I touched my core essence. I didn’t want it to stop.

Weird. Wonderful. Wise. Wellness.

Next up: Woo or wonder? Can BrainTap fix my brain?

*Editor’s note: this is excellent copywriting by the way.

Is your preference more reference?

More about the weird and wonderful world of BrainTap and in Swedish.


Welledge clinic, Gamla Stan. More about brain first chiropractic

”Skogsbada” i natuens frekvenser och förbättra din hälsa – an interesting read in Swedish

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  1. Oh, boy, I’d freak out about the lights, too. But how interesting that it did relax you! Staying tuned for more…

    February 12, 2018
    • I was totally freaked out, I was like OMG, it’s working! I’ve never felt so deeply relaxed…. SO BIZARRE!

      February 12, 2018

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