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Fun mum’s and why I’m not one.

You know the type, the style of mum you always pictured yourself being, all smiles, spontaneity and sparkle. Ice cream for breakfast. Yelling competitions. Rave parties in the living room. Wearing your pj’s all day, well actually that wouldn’t be much of a change from these days.

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I've been a court jester, dance leader, cubby house architect, nose wiping play-doh making marching band conducting, google searching 'best Apps for toddlers' Vicks rubbing winner of our funny faces compeition.

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Big Love for Little Valentines

With Valentine's Day now right around the corner, I've scoured the depths of the internet to find some great gift ideas for the real love of our lives, the little ones that surround us.

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“Yea, I shall return with the tide.”

I need to work on my work/life balance and considering I don't work, I should have more balance. Am I trying to keep my good housewife standards too high? When you read about ‘busy’ mums they always say that you need to ignore your messy house and to lower your expectations.

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The one-handed chef

Take Lou Lou's One-Handed Chef challenge, the rules are simple: Said meal must be easily assembled or prepared in under 20 minutes and can be done so with only one hand. Each recipe must come with a show pony rating also.

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Positive Affirmations!

And speaking of births, for some reason - me being God’s favourite - the birth story of my dreams came absolutely true. I don’t know how this happened, as all signs pointed to the opposite being the case, but it totally happened.

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She’s arrived!

Our long awaited daughter arrived last week! A 4kg/8.8pounds, 52cm/21in bundle of complete joy.

I’m glad to report that the delivery was actually much like the one in my dreams! Bubba just loves her and is enjoying being a big sister. We are all doing well and are feeling very blessed.

I’ll be taking 2 or 3 weeks off from my blogging life to focus on my family and our new precious addition. Hope you all understand and stick around to hear about our new adventures soon…

Wedding Bells

On Sunday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. It would have been lovely to have the baby then but it seems it takes after its mother and is super lazy.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the birth itself and the following are some snippets of what I want to include in my birth story when I call my sister in Sydney and tell her The Big News:

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Top 5 amazing things!

I’m amazed at two things about this event that 1) someone had the audacity to steal from a tired looking 8 month pregnant women and that 2) I basically saw him do it but didn’t react.

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