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Big Love for Little Valentines

Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold.”

Zelda Fitzgerald

With Valentine’s Day now right around the corner, I’ve scoured the depths of the internet to find some great gift ideas for the real love of our lives, the little ones that surround us. I love ‘teaming with the theme’ and never miss a chance to get a special little something for girls. And although these might not arrive before Valentines, it’s lucky we love our kidlets all year round. Well most of the year anyway…

(* This is not a sponsored post.Kisses.)


1. Super cute Robot Loves unisex T-shirt from Etsy designer Ladybugsandbeans. Raglan red and white long sleeve t-shirt featuring a handmade applique made of felt. Hand stitched with love for the little one in your life.

2. Keep the young ones entertained (and out of your hair) with these adorable Red Squirrel finger puppets from Etsy eco store  Lazy Animals. If you like saying ‘oh my God, how cute!‘ stop by this store and delight over their eco-friendly toys all handmade out of natural and upcycled materials. LouLouLoves. A lot.

Sidenote: finger puppets are ideal for anyone doing long haul flights with littlies. They don’t take up much space, are not made of liquid and don’t make any noise. The adventures of Tosca the finger puppet dog have been long known to keep Bubba entertained along the journey we like to call Hells Way, flight 340 Stockholm to Sydney (30+ hours).


Bubba rocking the streets of Stockholm

3. A Swedish company that is all so dear to my heart, CTH Mini produces vintage style, high-quality hats for children, so cute, you will die. Bubba has already owned two hats which she has worn to death and which we always get questioned over when we are out and about. She loves them, not because she is over the top adorable in them but purely because they are the same as what her beloved dad wears! They add instant street cool cred and integrity to any ensemble. Be warned, these hats are not just for the boys!


Be still my beating Valentine heart.

4. Oh thank God, something finally from Australia and Sydney no doubt. Oobi, is a fabulous company that encorporates beautiful clothes with a penchant for colour and retro design. A favourite of mine (and the rest of Australia) of course. Who can resist this Anna Pink Apple Pip Tee perfect for the apple of your eye! Love the polka-dot perfect shorts as well. Now if only the sun would shine in Sweden! Check out their lookbooks, always so inspirational.


Bubba, when she was still a bubba in her Oobi Strawberry summer outfit.

5. Did someone say cute? Even though I don’t have boys that doesn’t stop me from fantasy dressing my friends boys in these from Antsy Pants. I bet my blogging friend Lisa’s little boy J would look totally adorable in this set.  Actually, of course my girls could rock them too.

6. Oh if only my girls actually had hair! Bubba’s seems to only get thicker but not longer. Still, she loves a good hairdressing session at home and would look adorable in this Valentine’s Day headband from Avery Couture. With the help of some gorgeous photography from Annie Miller (her website is lovely), I’m in love with this simply romatic headband. Kisses would abound.


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  1. PETA #

    Uh oh Lou, I think I’m about to get in trouble from the Aussie Husband! But only if he finds out. ;-D

    February 10, 2013
    • Hide the credit card bill, it’s all good, I will not tell! Doing some hiding of my own!

      February 10, 2013
  2. Oh, I love the hat (3) – AND the pic in the street – GORGEOUS!!! and the hairband in (6)! All so cute!

    February 11, 2013
  3. Those hats on your girls are so cute! How cute that she loves it b/c it’s the same color as her dad’s hat. Ahhh! I love those kissing squirrel finger puppets. Tks for mentioning my lil J and those dapper outfits! They certainly are handsome!

    February 11, 2013
    • I love those hats on Bubba, my fav look on her…

      February 11, 2013

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