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Tis the season to be Jolly!

The kids did enjoy it and got to go on a few rides but the thing they were most excited about was the purchased of 2 big helium balloons and once TSH had had some rum in his hot chocolate, he was excited about having to look after them too.

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Surprise! On Tuesday afternoon I'll be on my way to Sydney for a 2 week holiday! Without the kids! Without TSH! It was a bit of a last-minute decision but after finding a super cheap air ticket and heavy negotiations with TSH, we went with it.

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Swedish import duties.

After 14 years up north, it’s now time for this little trumpeter to head south. Yes dear readers, we will be swapping snow for sunshine, curling for cricket and wearing socks with sandals to just wearing sandals.

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Are you pining for a Pinot?

Just a short two hour drive north of Sydney lies the beautiful Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s leading wine regions. Filled with picturesque cellar doors and world class wineries, this region is a must-do for any gourmand.

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Running away to Provence

More than twenty years on, Jean de Florette and its sequel Manon des Sources is still considered by critics to be one of the greatest French films of all times, and I just happen to agree.

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Why I’m joining Greek church. Today.

This particular church party is celebrating midsummer which you apparently do by going into the chapel, lighting a candle, having a quiet moment to yourself and then drinking tons and tons of home made ouzo.

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Tina’s special holy water

One miraculous healing icon of the Virgin Mary. One miraculous hangover. Welcome to the idyllic Greek island of Tinos – where your prayers are heard and hangovers incurred.

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Day Spa Heaven

The menu of self indulgence also includes a multitude of massages and other delightful and relaxing gems. There are also fitness activities available but you can just ignore them.

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The Height of Romance

Santorini - part 2

Another large explosion occurred many, many years ago on the island; tourism with a capital T. Many restaurants, particularly around Fira are hectic tourist traps with prices similar to the views – spectacular. Get out of the tourist loop by heading towards the Catholic cathedral and settle into one of the oversized couches at Casablanca Lounge Restaurant.

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Sunsets, scenery and one smoking volcano

Santorini Part 1

A student? Family man? Rich bastard? Fear not, there is something for everyone on the spectacular island of Santorini.

Santorini’s not half the place it used to be. Literally. 3,500 years ago, a large volcano erupted –probably the biggest explosion in recorded history – and the heart of the island collapsed and fell down into the bottom of the lake. The result? One of Greece’s most spectacular islands, with none more famed for its beauty.

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