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Day Spa Heaven

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

– Dolly Parton

Now if there is one thing I do well and something that I’m very proud of, it’s my innate ability to pamper myself. It’s a skill set I’ve worked on hard all these years. I’m not the one that needs to be convinced to ‘take time out for yourself’ because before you’ve even finished that sentence I’m usually on the phone booking myself in for some type of treatment. Give me a white robe and speak to me in dulcent tones. Dim the lights and offer me some lemon infused water. Poke me, prod me and I’ll pay you a heck of a lot of money for it.

So it’s little wonder that Central Badet, in central Stockholm is one of my most favourite places. It’s a luxurious day spa located in a beautiful art nouveau building, with a glorious swimming pool and therapeutic baths made out of the smoothest of marble. The menu of self-indulgence also includes a multitude of massages and other delightful and relaxing gems. There are also fitness activities available but you can just ignore them.

Just before Easter, Tina Sparkles and myself took a day off work and treated ourselves to an afternoon there. Oh yes we did and it was Easy FM all the way. I had the Japanese massage for pregnant chicks and she had an optimal facial, which was apparently just optimal. We did very slow ‘laps’ around the pool and sunk ourselves deep into the warming  pools. Oh, if we could only do this as much as I’ve just made out we do.

Pure Heaven.

[Photos courtesy Central Badet]

Are you a day spa fan or would you prefer to do something different with your day?

While I was off at the day spa, another Aussie blogger was actually doing good in the world. She’s got vision.

I’ve been sick all week but this dang chicken managed to make me hungry, it’s a fancy one. I’m gonna have to put an order in with TSH!

After being sick all week I was feeling a little mad. Hope this Mad Men Make up collection makes it to Sweden! Love.

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  1. First off, good job on knowing how to pamper yourself. It’s not a skill most women have, sadly. I love a good foot massage and mani. Gotta do that more often! And tks for sharing the links. The first one made me realize how small my troubles are and that I should be more thankful. The second one made my tummy grumble. What’s the deal with Mad Men? I never got into the show…

    April 12, 2012
    • Oh I love a good mani too! I know, Eden puts everything into context doesn’t she… Sorry, I’m mad for Mad Men…

      April 12, 2012
  2. LOVE Centralbadet. Have not been in so long. Must go. Thanks for the reminder.

    April 12, 2012
  3. Oh, love a pamper as well. Facials, massages – bring them on!!!

    (And I love the Dolly Parton quote!!!)

    April 13, 2012
  4. Kim Talks Books #

    Now you make me envious! I need a facial…and a massage…and a warming pool… *sigh*

    April 16, 2012

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