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Friday Sorbet

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re having friends over for dinner on Friday night and I hear from TSH that some type of Lamb/Rosemary/Goats Cheese combo is going to be on offer! With a nice red of course, the bastards. Well I can have a sip at least. On Saturday our body corporate is having it’s cleaning day and we are going to lend a hand. Organised Swedish fun, couldn’t be better.

And welcome to my newly made followers, glad to have you with us! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here are some fun things from around the web that I loved reading this week, continuing on with a Leitmotiv around autumn of course, a sorbet of treats for the soul:

♥ This post on decorative gourds made me laugh so hard that I spilt my cup of tea. I do have a soft spot for anyone who swears in posts. (C/O BabyMac)

♥ The most amazing apple pie you will see this season. They had me at ‘crust made from scratch and apples from our own garden’. If I’d attempted something like this, it would have looked like some form of deforestation.

♥ And this from a mum with a wicked sense of humour.

This article made me go all ‘I’m not surprised at all‘, and made me dream of my own children.

9 Pumpkin recipes that made me fall in love more with fall or want to become a food photographer.  (C/O A Cup of Jo)

white forest♥ And the latest from Sweden that made me laugh. A new app that has gone viral ‘IKEA or DEATH’, whereby all you have to do is guess which of the names shown are Ikea products, and which are death metal bands.

♥Also, a new release from Swedish ecoluxury brand Björk and Berries, a candle that my bathroom needs as soon as it is payday: White Forest is a sensual and melodramatic perfume of wood and fresh forest air – an exciting and mysterious scent of the deep Swedish forest that includes birch and pine. I hope they gave their copywriter a bonus because it totally won me over. Although I am slightly disturbed by the use of of instead of from. But not enough to stop me from buying this candle on Friday.

Is there any White Forest in your weekend plans? Or are you keeping it non-Nordic?

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  1. Not sure if pumpkins are nordic or non-nordic but we are going pumpkin picking with another family this weekend :). Enjoy yours!

    October 17, 2013
    • Oh that sounds wonderful. I bet that kids will love it.

      October 17, 2013
  2. It was a very funny story wasn’t it? Have a great weekend!

    October 17, 2013
  3. If TSH is informing you of the menu for your dinner does that mean he’s cooking? Nice….!

    Obviously no Nordic influences here… although it IS slightly cooler than it has been! (#SpringfeelslikeSummer!)

    October 19, 2013
    • Oh yes, he is cooking otherwise things would turn out badly 🙂 A bit diffferent, it’s nearly snowing here!

      October 19, 2013

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