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Posts tagged ‘Sydney’

Snow Change

Just a few weeks ago, at the end of long and tiresome week, I opened the door to us moving back to Sweden. I must have been very tired.

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Surprise! On Tuesday afternoon I'll be on my way to Sydney for a 2 week holiday! Without the kids! Without TSH! It was a bit of a last-minute decision but after finding a super cheap air ticket and heavy negotiations with TSH, we went with it.

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Swedish import duties.

After 14 years up north, it’s now time for this little trumpeter to head south. Yes dear readers, we will be swapping snow for sunshine, curling for cricket and wearing socks with sandals to just wearing sandals.

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The Saga of the Ring

At age 37 and without any prior experience, my Swedish Husband had decided that now would be a good time to take up surfing. At first I had been very encouraging, ‘give it a crack’ I’d said, my sister had bought him a board.

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