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A midsummer night’s dream

However, midsummer 2020 was very low key; mona corona. There were no mass gatherings, traditional dress, or dancing around a 20-foot penis - oh those were the days. The frog dance leaped a year, the organised fun set aside, and for something completely different, the sun was shining.

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The Magic of Midsummer in Stockholm

It's also a celebration of fertility and that's why around noon on Friday we will be dancing around a phallic pole, doing a traditional frog dance with a crown of flowers on our heads. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT?

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Magic Midsummer!

Complete with it’s own castle and lake, Tyresö park made the perfect choice for our Extreme Swedish Midsummer celebrations. Everyone else in Stockholm thought so too, so the park was packed with thousands and thousands.

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The Super Nanny

“So, you know that Stockholm isn’t an outer suburb of Sydney, but the capital of Sweden?” - yes, she said she remembered where it was. “So, you’re going to take a month off work, travel 24,000 km’s away, sit on a plane for 32 hours and then take care of the kids, one of which speaks predominately Swedish?”

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Celebrating Sweden’s Penis

Midsummer is all about nature, feeling the sun on your skin, the coming summer and sticking wildflowers in your hair. We will drink, eat, sing and dance, yes just another Friday in Sweden.

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