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Posts tagged ‘life in Sweden’

Mixed bag 1

I still feel like I play a rather 'supportive' role to the other members who actually possess value-adding real life and language skills. However, I do put on a great spread when meetings are held at our house, which may be the reason for my re-election.

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Cheers to the year that was… part 1

Turns out, the younger two had the same resolve as their mum, that 9 million others should learn our language, instead of us having to learn theirs.

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Moving to Sweden

Five suitcases with 130 kg's of luggage, 3 car seats, 6 carry-ons, a double pram, a teddy bear, a unicorn and 'Pigga'. Everyone at the airport was super friendly and efficient and we were done and dusted through security at 3 hours before departure. We arrived at the AMEX lounge at 2.59 minutes before departure.

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