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Posts tagged ‘I love Christmas’

Waddling in a winter wonderland

And I'm hoping to be waddling in a winter wonderland as Sweden at the moment is, well rather warm. There is not much snow around so most of the country is looking not at a white Christmas, but at a grey one. Luckily on Saturday we are flying north to Norrland, to celebrate Christmas with our family in the only part of Sweden to be pretty well assured of a flurry of snow.

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Extreme Christmas

So just why do I love Xmas so much? Of course there is the spirit of giving, spending time with family and friends, enjoying long held traditions and that bit about Jesus being born, but I much prefer the spending of money and the eating of sugar

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Knut and confused

I love living in Sweden, especially when it means you get to be lazy.

Up north, those crazy Swedes like to leave their Christmas tree and decorations all in place for quite a bit and it’s not until 20 days after Christmas, that you actually have to bother taking them down. So that’s a good 3 weeks of post-Christmas lulling around you can enjoy, before you need to get your butt off the couch to start packing things away.

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