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Posts from the ‘KonMari Method’ Category

The Ying and Yang of Marriage

I think this is because you see 'your other half' do shit that you can't, so you get super impressed with their skill set and decide to marry them. 

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The room that does not spark joy

A box/drawer/room that causes a twitch in your right eye every time you walk past, but not enough that you actually do anything about it.

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‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’

On Sunday, I KonMaried my wardrobe. I pulled out every piece of clothing I own, placed them on my bed and then, one by one, picked them up and asked myself if it 'sparked joy' in me.

Turns out, a lot of items sparked joy in me.

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KonMari Method

Only keep things that 'Spark Joy'

The basic theory behind KonMari is that you should surround yourself with a few things that you love, instead of many things that you like. You touch and feel all the crap you have in your home and then decide if it, 'Sparks Joy'. Then toss or keep, but mainly toss.

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