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Posts from the ‘Spark Joy’ Category

Summer Back in Sweden

Miss 7 said the other day whilst looking out at the downpour, 'I wish it would rain donuts'. What a delightful thought I mused, as long as they were sugar-free.

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Birthday reflections

With my penchant for knitted twinsets in mint, vintage eyewear and dressing in materials that can be confused with upholstery, I'm a little concerned that my friends comments will soon change from, "Lou, I love your nanna look!" to "Lou, you look like a nanna".

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The Magic of Midsummer in Stockholm

It's also a celebration of fertility and that's why around noon on Friday we will be dancing around a phallic pole, doing a traditional frog dance with a crown of flowers on our heads. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT?

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Buying a House in Sweden – part 1

The final nail in the 'let's move to Sweden' coffin was when we found out that - despite not being residents there/me having any form of income in that country/TSH not even having started his job/us living in Australia - we could indeed get a bank loan and purchase property there. This had long been our dream, to find a family home.

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Heading South

On Friday at 5pm, I am hitting the road!

I'll be picking up my hire car in Manly, hugging the family good-bye, swearing whilst sitting in bad traffic through the city, then heading south on the new freeway down to Batemans Bay.

I'm so looking forward to spending some time with one of my best friends, Rach.

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KonMari Method

Only keep things that 'Spark Joy'

The basic theory behind KonMari is that you should surround yourself with a few things that you love, instead of many things that you like. You touch and feel all the crap you have in your home and then decide if it, 'Sparks Joy'. Then toss or keep, but mainly toss.

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Hello World!

After taking a break from blogging due to lack of time in May 2014, tonight, I had the sudden urge to write some more drivel, despite having even less time these days.

To be honest, I would've loved to have continued writing drivel all throughout 2014-2016, but life got in the way. We had the surprise baby and moved our family of five from Stockholm, Sweden to Sydney, Australia.

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